Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer Reading...and Cooking

Summer - the ultimate fairweather friend. After so many grey days in a row, I opted to invite the voluptuous season into my kitchen via Recipes From An Italian Summer.

With pizza on the brain, and it actually being a cool enough temperature to keep the oven on high for a good long while, I turned to the section on Light Lunches and Suppers and took my pick. Many purists will advise that the best way to tell if a Pizza place is worth the dough is to order the Margarita - a plain cheese pie. So, that's what I made - Pizza al Formaggio on page 153.

The result was fantastic. This particular pizza dough recipe is just what it should be - tasty, simple and supportive of any combination of toppings. Mozzarella and gorgonzola - with a few olives for good measure - were a wonderful marriage of flavours. Enjoyed with a simple green salad and bottle of wine, and the kitchen table just got a lot more sunny.

Recipes also includes a list of Italian Food Festivals, a Seasonal Food Calendar and over 400 pages of recipes arranged in sections like "Picnics", "Barbecues", and "Summer Entertaining", this collection could be all you need to make summer arrive a little earlier...or stay a little longer.

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