Friday, February 11, 2011

Contemporary Antipasto

Chef Chris Halpin loves antipasto - it is his favourite part of any meal when he is Italy. And on Saturday, February 19th, he is planning on sharing his passion for the traditional first course in the hands-on Contemporary Antipasto.

With a menu that includes chipponi with lemon garlic dip [battered white anchovies or Alici], oyster and zucchini fitter with herbed mayonnaise, porcini and truffle salad with arugula, celeriac and black olive salad, lemon ricotta in kataifi, morels stewed with fresh walnuts and cream, bruschetta of bresaola and taleggio, and zabaglione shooters with gold leaf, these delicious "before-the-meal" tasters become the main event.

Call The Cookbook Co. Cooks at 403-265-6066 to register.

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