Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Vosges" Love Goddess Chocolate Cake

Last night proved to be quite the treat in this Cookbooker's kitchen! Recently we have acquired some new "Vosges" products at The Cookbook Co. and I was the lucky one to test the "Love Goddess Chocolate Cake Mix". Vosges is a chocolate company based out of Chicago which is owned by the chocolatier Katrina Markoff.Thier products are based on an 'east meets west' theme which infuses rare spices and exciting, exotic combinations. Don't believe us? Check out the 'Amalfi bar' (just to name one) which is a mouthwatering mix of lemon zest, pink peppercorn, and 36% cocao butter white chocolate, and you will be a convert! Not only are Vosges products delicious but they are also manufactured in a facility that uses 100% renewable energy and is also approved as an organic facility... making this chocolate practically guilt free.
The cake mix required minimal effort, with just a few additional ingredients required to complete this beautiful dessert. Vosges directions provided insight into how to make your own ganache frosting, as well as a whipped cream frosting for the top. We opted to do both! Vosges also suggests you try using some of their many gourmet candy bars as your ganache base, however in our case we used Valrhona chocolate that we carry in the store. The box suggests organic rose petals for decorating which would be beautiful for a special or romantic occasion, we used fresh blackberries and raspberries for a little extra tartness.
The cake turned out perfectly! It was as simple as a mix should be, but no one would be any wiser as the texture and flavor have the sophistication of a professional bakery. Our guinea pigs were five hungry boys who are typically more biased to salty rather than sweet, that being said, when asked for their opinion, we got a big round of "Om nom nom", which I believe speaks for itself! We highly recommend this product for chocolate lovers anywhere and everywhere searching for that little extra something special for an incredible dessert!

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