Friday, March 19, 2010

I love pepper!

Most chef's swear by buying spices whole, toasting them to bring out the natural flavours, and then grinding them fresh for better results -- If you ask me, its a good way to live your life. You know when you have those lightbulb moments every now and then? When you realize something so epic, yet so obvious? The other day as I was refilling my pepper grinder, I had an idea, why don't I toast the peppercorns to bring out their flavour? I popped them in my baby All-Clad roasting dish and threw them in a hot oven for about 15 minutes, you can tell they're ready when you can hear them starting to pop or when they start to release their aromas (think big juicy pepper crusted steak). Let them cool, put them in the pepper grinder, and presto, delicious, toasty, fresh tasting peppercorns!

I like to use "Uniquely Ours" whole black peppercorns -- hand picked in Costa Rica and sold at The Cookbook Co. They're super fresh and tasty, and only $10.95 for a bag.

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